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Free Download e-Book - AtmaBodh - Gujarati translation of I AM THAT

Note from the publisher of e-Book:
I am glad to inform all Self-seekers from Gujarat area, as we are publishing the translation of well known spiritual classic book "I Am That" by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in Gujarati language.

Around 23 years ago Shri Mavji Savla and his friend Shri Jayram Thakkar, translated "SukhaSamvad" (Marathi translation of I Am That) from Marathi to Gujarati language and published on his own. Shri Mavji Savla met Sri Nisargadatta Maharj personally in Sri Maharaj's body presence.

Me and my friend Shri Kalpesh Chauhan was trying to publish I Am That in Gujarati language from last 6 months, and coincidentally Shri Nitin Shah contacted me 3 weeks ago, and mentioned that "I Am That" Gujarati translation is already available with Shri Mavji Savla. We both discussed with Shri Mavji Savla and immediately he gave us permission to publish e-Book for free downloading to all Gujarati Self-seekers.

We all feel that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Grace - the universal consciousness has forced us to do this task for all Gujarati seekers. We are also thankful to Shri Satish Avhad (Sri Maharaj's disciple and senior devotee) who is one of publisher of "Sukhsamvad" (I Am That Marathi version) for giving us permission to publish this e-Book. We are trying to publish the remaining 2 parts as e-Book in future.

Sachin Kshirsagar

Free Download e-Book - AtmaBodh - Gujarati translation of I AM THAT - Part 1 & Part 2 - Location 1

Free Download e-Book - AtmaBodh - Gujarati translation of I AM THAT - Part 1 & Part 2 - Location 2

Marathi books - Nisargadatta Maharaj - Siddharameshwar Maharaj

These books were published as a service by Mr.Sachin Kshirsagar, a disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, on his own.

Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
Single discourse on Consciousness and Pure Consciousness in Marathi language
Pages 14, 2nd Edition,April 2015.

Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
Selected quotes in Marathi language from book of AtmaPrem
Pages 128, 1st Edition, July 2013.

Shree Nisargadatta Maharj
Selected quotes in Marathi language from book of "SukhaSamvad ( Marathi Version of "I Am That")
Pages 115, 1st Edition,Jan 2013.

Vivek Ki Nirupan
Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
8 discourses in Marathi language
Pages 125, 2nd Edition, July 2014.

Nisargadatta Bodhwani
Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
65 discourses in Marathi language
Pages 122, 1st Edition, March 2013.

AtmaDnyan ani ParmatmaYog
Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj
19 discourses in Marathi language (Marathi Version of Self Knowledge and Self Realization)
Pages 105, 2nd Edition, April 2013

Master of Self Realization
Shree Siddharameshvar Maharaj
130 discourses (English translation of "AdhyatmaDnyanacha Yogeshvar"
Pages 532, 2nd Edition, 2014

Marathi Version of "I Am That"
4th Edition, Sept.2012.

AdyatmaDnyanacha Yogeshwar
Sri SidhhaRameshvar Maharaj
130 discourses in Marathi language on Srimad Dasbodh, Dnyaneshwari, Eknathi Bhagwat etc.
Personally published by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Part 1 in year 1961 & Part 2 in year 1962.
Pages 306

Nisargadatta BodhaSudha
Selected quotes in Marathi language from the Marathi version of I Am That - "SukhaSamvad".
Compiled by Shri Shrikant Gogate in 1975
Pages 106

Please contact at the below address if you need them:

Sachin Kshirsagar,
B2 Kaivalya, Residency,
Next to Abhiruchi Sweets,
Ganesh Nagar, Behind Bhairav Jwelers,
Near Shri Ram Press,Vadgaon Dhayari,
Pune : 411041, Maharashtra, India
Ph.No. 09890711180 / 020-65610101
email :

Marathi Discourses by Nisargadatta Maharaj - Audio

Thanks to my friend who shared these with me. She is basically from Maharaj's village and her family is very close to Maharaj.

She says : "These are all about verses from "Eknathi Bhagvat". Maharaj told Mr. Chavhan to record all these discourses. Maharaj usually never asks anybody in particular to record any of his sessions. Mr. Chavhan's son preserved them and published a book called "Atma-Darshan" and distributed it among few disciples. My Father was one of them."

A part from discourse by Nisargadatta Maharaj about performing bhajans on the occasion of  Tukaram beej (Saint Tukarams day of departure to Vaikunth).

Approximate translation : There shouldn't be any negligence while offering Bhajans to guru, as it's the everlasting fountain of worship. It's gifted to us by the Saints like Tukaraam. Every word and letter of the bhajan should be pronounced clearly as it gets typed on the chakras in our body. Every chakra stands for certain letter. When you sing the bhajans, the pronounced words hit these chakras and help to clear the blockages of thoughts. So be prompt about the Bhajans.

Approximate translation : The consistent  remembrance of your guru transforms you into that particular divine remembrance. Your inner guru is disclosed.

Approximate translation : 'I am' is more evident in humans than in animals. 'Bhag' means light and light is his sample i.e. Vaan. 'Vaan' means sample. What is my sample? Light. Which light? A peaceful light glowing timelessly deep inside the heart. This involuntary sense of 'I am' is at the bottom of all the actions. We have it inherent. I love.

Rays of the Absolute: The Legacy of Nisargadatta Maharaj

In the end of 2007, Stephen Wolinsky, Zaya, Philip Safarik and Maurizio Benazzo travelled to Mumbai to interview devotees and translators of Nisargadatta Maharaj for this film, to capture their experience and history of being with Maharaj. Mullarpattan, Mahon Gaitonde and Jayashri received them. The journey went through Maharaj's old room, they interviewed Maharaj's family and visited the shrine of Shri Siddharameswar Maharaj. They also interviewed Ramesh Balsekar and met many of Nisargadatta's devotees.

American speaks about Satya Sai Baba and Maharaj gets angry

The Lost Satsang - Part 7

Consciousness also will leave - Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj


It is this conscious presence that you are, so long as the body is there. Once your body is gone, along with the vital breath, consciousness also will leave. Only that which was prior to the appearance of this body-cum-consciousness, the Absolute, the ever-present is your true identity. That is what we all really are. That is reality. It is here and now. Where is the question of anyone reaching for it?

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

And liberation from which bondage? - Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj


You are that, which is prior to the arrival of I-am-ness. What has come upon your true nature is like an illness, or an eclipse for a certain duration, at the end of which the physical form will 'die' and will be buried or cremated and will thereafter mingle with the five elements of which it was made. The life-force of breath will disappear and mingle with the air outside the body; consciousness will be freed of the limitation of the body and the three Gunas. In other words, the process will have reached its allotted end. Now, let us come back to your problem: Who is it that needs the Guru's grace in order to attain 'liberation'? And liberation from which 'bondage'?

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

In deep sleep, did the phenomenal world exist for you - Pointers from Nisargadatta


When you were in deep sleep, did the phenomenal world exist for you? Can you not intuitively and naturally visualize your pristine state - your original being - before this body-consciousness condition intruded upon you unasked, unaided? In that state, were you conscious of your 'existence'? Certainly not.

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

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