Tuesday 16 June 2015

Free Download e-Book - AtmaBodh - Gujarati translation of I AM THAT

Note from the publisher of e-Book:
I am glad to inform all Self-seekers from Gujarat area, as we are publishing the translation of well known spiritual classic book "I Am That" by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in Gujarati language.

Around 23 years ago Shri Mavji Savla and his friend Shri Jayram Thakkar, translated "SukhaSamvad" (Marathi translation of I Am That) from Marathi to Gujarati language and published on his own. Shri Mavji Savla met Sri Nisargadatta Maharj personally in Sri Maharaj's body presence.

Me and my friend Shri Kalpesh Chauhan was trying to publish I Am That in Gujarati language from last 6 months, and coincidentally Shri Nitin Shah contacted me 3 weeks ago, and mentioned that "I Am That" Gujarati translation is already available with Shri Mavji Savla. We both discussed with Shri Mavji Savla and immediately he gave us permission to publish e-Book for free downloading to all Gujarati Self-seekers.

We all feel that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Grace - the universal consciousness has forced us to do this task for all Gujarati seekers. We are also thankful to Shri Satish Avhad (Sri Maharaj's disciple and senior devotee) who is one of publisher of "Sukhsamvad" (I Am That Marathi version) for giving us permission to publish this e-Book. We are trying to publish the remaining 2 parts as e-Book in future.

Sachin Kshirsagar

Download Gujarati translation of I am That


Unknown said...

This is photos of pages of the book PDF version if available, would be great

cyberorg said...

Hi, where can I order print copy from? Thanks

Manmohan Sethumadhavan said...

Please contact at the below address if you need them:

Sachin Kshirsagar,
B2 Kaivalya, Residency,
Next to Abhiruchi Sweets,
Ganesh Nagar, Behind Bhairav Jwelers,
Near Shri Ram Press,Vadgaon Dhayari,
Pune : 411041, Maharashtra, India
Ph.No. 09890711180 / 020-65610101
email : kiranswa@gmail.com

Ketul said...

Where to get these volumes in Gujarat??


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